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Unity in Christ is such a beautiful, humbling experience. At Restoration Gateway, the unity in purpose among the RG workers, kids, and visiting teams can be seen each and every day. Teams come in to serve God's kingdom and they are met by a community serving God's kingdom. Bonded together in Christ, Restoration Gateway and the teams that come are making a difference – changing lives and changing a community one step at a time.

Last weekend, this unity was displayed so wonderfully during an Outreach day lead by a team from New Heights in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Packing up the van, the team headed to the local village of Okweche. However, they did not go alone. A dozen or so RG teens came along and a couple other Ugandan RG staff. Dividing up into smaller groups with at least one...


Only God can heal deep wounds. He uses people like you and me to do it.

Restoration Gateway exists to join Christ in restoring peace and healing wounds among the vulnerable children and war-torn people of Northern Uganda. 700 acres of land overlooking the Nile is being developed into a holistic, reproducible community through Orphan Care, Health Care, Empowerment, and Ministry to the Church.

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