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Wow! What a friend we have in Jesus.

As I look back over the past year and even further back over the past 12 and a half years heeding God’s call to follow Him to East Africa and war torn Uganda in particular, I see how Jesus has indeed been a friend that sticks closer than a brother. It has been an amazing journey of faith that grows better and better.

The vision God has cast seems to be ever picking up speed and causing us to feel that all we can do is believe and hang on. So much has happened in the past year that it is hard to consolidate it into one report.

Certainly the greatest area of growth at Restoration Gateway (RG) has been in the area of spiritual formation. Being on a front row seat to watch God add His people to His work has been so incredible. The...


Only God can heal deep wounds. He uses people like you and me to do it.

Restoration Gateway exists to join Christ in restoring peace and healing wounds among the vulnerable children and war-torn people of Northern Uganda. 700 acres of land overlooking the Nile is being developed into a holistic, reproducible community through Orphan Care, Health Care, Empowerment, and Ministry to the Church.

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Here is an inspiring story from our hospital, if you didn't get the chance to read it in our newsletter: One morning in February during the hospital's devotion time (7:30-8:00 am), Mama "Sharon" hobbled in with a newborn baby. The tiny baby was born in Mama "Sharon's" hut only an hour before. She quickly came to the RG on a boda (a motorcycle). We checked on the baby and examined the mom only to discover another baby still to be born. We delivered the twin brother. The twins were extremely premature only about 28 weeks. Both were given antibiotics and kept warm using warm saline bottles. God's hand was surely upon both these little ones. The little boy died later that day, but the girl managed to hang on. She was tiny, but strong. We were able to feed her through a tube in the nose on day four, but gradually exchanged tube feeding for breast feeding. Through constant care, she was able to gain weight daily. At her smallest, the baby weighed 800 grams, but went home weighing 1500 grams. Over those two months, we were able to wean the baby off oxygen, intravenous fluids, and medications. Feedings were slowly moved from nasogastric feeding of breast-milk to suckling at the breast. At 2 months of age we were able to send her home. The baby and Mama "Sharon" came in every Wednesday for a checkup. The baby is growing, and this picture is one of her during one of her weekly checkups. We are so thankful she survived, and we praise God that she's growing. We were able to do all of what we did due to the Lord Jesus and generous donations. Please keep praying for the hospital, as it reaches so many people--spiritually, medically and physically.