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Greetings from Uganda! It is with appreciation of your support for Restoration Gateway that we submit our report of RG Uganda for the year 2020. We are grateful for each of you and your prayers and support of Restoration Gateway.

Though this past year was a very challenging time in most places across the globe, 2020 resulted in great success in all areas of RG. Due to donors and wise financial oversight from the Waco office and RG...


Tonjeh Mary Stella Bah, MD is a clinical fellow in hematology oncology at the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center in Louisiana. She is the Chief Fellow at FWCC for 2019-2020.

Medical missions were always one of my dreams. When I found out about Restoration Gateway and their need for a blood/sickle cell specialist, I felt this was my chance to do what I have always wanted—to humbly serve and teach others. My desire was...

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As I look back over the past year and even further back over the past 12 and a half years heeding God’s call to follow Him to East Africa and war torn Uganda in particular, I see how Jesus has indeed been a friend that sticks closer than a brother. It has been an amazing journey of faith that grows better and better.

The vision God has cast seems to be ever picking up speed and causing us to feel that all we can do is believe and hang...


Psalm 67

“May God be gracious to us and make His face to shine upon us, that His way may be known on earth.”

Over the past 10 years God has been gracious to us by allowing us to live and work at Restoration Gateway in Uganda, East Africa. His blessings have poured out upon us and RG as you have prayed, volunteered, and given of yourselves so generously. As you have given to Him He has been faithful to make...


Filled with life, sustainability and growth, anyone that visits Restoration Gateway can see how God is moving in all the inner-workings that make up this community. RG worker Emmanuel Olanya is leading the development of a vital part of this growth at Restoration Gateway: the chicken farm.

Started in March of 2013, the original purpose of the chicken farm was to give food and education for the children. Today more than 100 chickens...

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Unity in Christ is such a beautiful, humbling experience. At Restoration Gateway, the unity in purpose among the RG workers, kids, and visiting teams can be seen each and every day. Teams come in to serve God's kingdom and they are met by a community serving God's kingdom. Bonded together in Christ, Restoration Gateway and the teams that come are making a difference – changing lives and changing a community one step at a time.



Two of Restoration Gateway's primary vision objectives are childcare and agriculture. Lianna Scholz has done an amazing job merging these together to provide education and empowerment to our school aged kids. This is an excerpt taken from her April report.

The Secondary One class is enrolled in an agriculture course, meeting five hours a week in the classroom and school garden. This month, they were able to travel to Omer Farm, a large...


This past weekend, on March 7th, Restoration Gateway (RG) had its annual Ugandan Board Meeting. Along with RG's U.S. board of directors, RG has a board of directors in Uganda that also provides direction and oversight for RG operations. The Ugandan board of directors is comprised of:

Dr. Tim McCall

Janice McCall

Pastor Experito Bulamu

Mr. Yusufu...


On Thursday, June 12, the McCalls were featured on the television show "Fixer Upper" on HGTV. Friends of both the McCalls and Restoration Gateway, Chip and Joanna Gaines used their exciting new...


Restoration Gateway's long-awaited 180-bed hospital is now under construction. This facility is greatly anticipated by the communities surrounding RG who have not had good, quality healthcare. Surgical suites and a surgical ward are the first buildings to be erected. Please pray for continued funding to be received for the completion of the hospital. $700,000 is still needed to finish the job and make this one of the finest healthcare...


This week, Restoration Gateway (RG) received a new Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) that was generously donated by a house church from Common Ground Christian Church Northeast in Indianapolis, IN. We want to send out a huge thank you to all the individuals that financially contributed towards the BUV and the shipping container that delivered it. Along with the BUV, there were additional...


This week we began doing annual physicals for all of our Restoration Gateway (RG) children, workers and staff. Over the next three weeks, all 102 children that RG cares for, all 107 workers that are currently employed at RG and rest of the RG staff and missionaries will have access to receive a complete physical. Over the past few years, through the leadership of our long-term missionary physicians and utilizing the services of visiting...


In February, a team from Common Ground Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN came to serve at Restoration Gateway (RG). Before their trip, they gathered used cameras to donate to RG so the staff could facilitate The Viewfinder Project with the children that live at RG.

The mission of The Viewfinder Project is using photography to view the world...


Friends of Restoration Gateway,

God has blessed us with wonderful opportunities to serve the community around Restoration Gateway in 2013, and we have experienced significant growth both in activities and lives restored.

A few highlights from 2013 are:

  • Walter Cooper Sandusky Dental Facility opened
  • New children homes filled
  • President of Uganda visited RG
  • RG chicken farm producing eggs for children...

On October 14, the Walter Cooper Sandusky (WCS) Dental Center officially opened and began providing dental services for the RG children, staff, workers and the surrounding community. We are excited to welcome Dr. Umaru Kizito as the new director of the WCS Dental Center. He recently completed the Bachelors Dental Surgery program at Makerere University in Kampala. Dr. Kizito has already hit the ground running and is becoming a great asset to...


We are excited to share that the RG chicken farm project that was initiated earlier this year by Mitch Orweiler and Emmanuel, one of our Ugandan staff members, has come to fruition. Mitch and Emmanuel worked countless hours to obtain the chickens and get the chicken house built, which will eventually house 600 chickens. We received 75 chickens at the end of May, and last...


The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, landed his helicopter on the RG soccer field on August 12th. President Museveni was headed to the nearby village of Karuma to celebrate the launching of the hydroelectric plant that is scheduled to be built on the Nile and bring much needed power to the region.

Though touring or speaking at Restoration Gateway was not on his agenda for the day, President Museveni took time out of his very busy...


We welcome RG's new U.S. Executive Director, Brint Patrick. Brint grew up in Waco, Texas and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University, and an Associate's Degree in Architectural Drafting and Design from Texas State Technical College. He has over 20 years of experience creating opportunities to meet the spiritual and physical needs of individuals and communities around the world. Brint has ongoing involvement with...


The Walter Cooper Sandusky Dental Center, Restoration Gateway's long-awaited dental facility, was officially dedicated to the Lord on April 20th of this year. In the next month RG hopes to have a dentist onsite and officially open the dental center. The building is named for Walter Cooper Sandusky, DDS, longtime friend of the McCalls and Restoration Gateway. Dr. Sandusky has made 4 mission trips to RG and was present for the dedication of...


Janet Museveni, wife of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni, visited Restoration Gateway last week. The First Lady called RG “a miracle” and we agree. Director Tim McCall says, "The RG children just amazed everyone with their performances. Our interns (CJ and Jessica) did a fantastic job getting them ready. The two teams that were here (Dollar for the Poor and Waypoint Church) also were a great help not to mention our work force giving an extra...