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2020 Founder's Report

Greetings from Uganda! It is with appreciation of your support for Restoration Gateway that we submit our report of RG Uganda for the year 2020. We are grateful for each of you and your prayers and support of Restoration Gateway.

Though this past year was a very challenging time in most places across the globe, 2020 resulted in great success in all areas of RG. Due to donors and wise financial oversight from the Waco office and RG USA board of directors, Restoration Gateway employees who were willing to remain at RG during the COVID-19 lockdown continued to work and receive salaries when so many in Uganda had to give up their jobs.

Procedures were taken to ensure utmost safety during the pandemic. Older RG children sat for hours at sewing machines, creating masks for the children, moms, teachers and other folks staying here. RG children successfully followed COVID-19 safety guidelines to ensure the most protection against the pandemic.

We're grateful to God that 2020 proved to be a good year for Restoration Gateway!

2020 Restoration Gateway Executive Summary

Spiritual Emphasis

  • 10 days of prayer and fasting ministry wide Oct. 18 to Oct. 28, 2020; 21 days of prayer and fasting Jan. 2 to Jan. 22 with about 50 workers and children participating voluntarily which was extended to 40 days by popular demand with about 30 participating
  • Sunday worship and other corporate gatherings held outside due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • A number of baptisms among our children and young adults
  • Formalized worship choir and musicians - drums added and sound system
  • 10,000 sq. ft. Bible/Mission Training School completed to roof level with sound proofing of chapel and veranda roofs, three large classrooms able to be divided to 6 classrooms, administration office, room for future Christian radio station, prayer room and storage on upper floor; 26 dorm rooms able to accommodate 3-4 persons/room, large male and female bathrooms, kitchen and dining room on lower floor. Awesome view of the Nile River from the veranda. Great venue for weddings, pastors’ conferences and other gatherings
  • Launching of Storying groups meeting weekly


  • Childcare director recruited
  • 12 orphaned children admitted
  • 7 new babies received; 5 older babies transferred to pod homes; current number of babies is 10.
  • 16 pod homes renovated; 5 others nearing completion of renovation with metal doors and window frames, new screens and painting. Plumbing repaired, all septic tanks cleaned and 4 new soakaways dug.


  • Teachers for every level and subject recruited from nursery to advanced level
  • Necessary laboratory equipment acquired for O and A Level classes
  • Two new apartment buildings with 20 apartments each (40 total) for teachers nearing completion with 12 showers and 8 latrines. One building completely occupied
  • 26 laptops donated for student learning
  • Senior 6 classroom completed
  • RG students were able to continue studying throughout the year when almost all other schools were closed due to the pandemic lockdown. The Ministry of Education made available teaching curriculum which allowed our schools to remain open.
  • Senior 4 students now prepping for final O level exam; Primary 7 students prepping for Primary Leaving Exam (Both exams delayed due to COVID-19 disruption and are now scheduled for March 2021.)


  • New solar refrigerator donated by Kiryandongo Health Department for storage of vaccines for our vaccine clinic
  • New refrigerated morgue nearing completion
  • Hospital administrator hired along with other needed personnel
  • Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Edmond Odull, added to Hospital staff November 2020
  • New surgical sterilizer added in OR and large sterilizer added for wards and clinics
  • Infrared thermometer donated by WHO for use at hospital gate for screening
  • New 20-unit apartment complex for nursing staff completed and occupied with six showers and 4 latrines
  • Restaurant/kitchen added and new hospitality director/chef hired
  • One COVID positive patient transferred from Kiryandongo District Hospital and then on to Entebbe- patient recovered. No internal cases of Covid within RG to date
  • Missionary physicians Cessnun and Schwedock trapped in America during the months of Uganda being locked down. Cessnuns returned in Oct. 2020 and Schwedocks returned to RG January 2021 but soon returned to the US due to a family emergency with expected return to RG in May 2021


  • 200 acres across the tributary opened and cleared for commercial agriculture
  • A road spanning the tributary to join these 200 acres to the main part of RG completed for agricultural and hospital traffic
  • Land traded to make all the 200 acres adjacent to main part of RG
  • Goat house and yard completed; 2 male and 28 female goats acquired with the production of 30 kids within months (60% increase since late July 2020 purchase). (two kids died, 1 was killed by guard dogs, and one was killed by a leopard-- leaving a total of 48 goats.)
  • Greenhouse produced 12,563 tomatoes per half season at value of 200= ea. Giving a total of 2,512,600= ($688)
  • Greenhouse also used to nurture seedlings of other vegetables before being transplanted to RG ground
  • 80 tons of maize being harvested at present, which is almost 3 times the usual harvest; over half of the harvest will be sold.
  • Chicken incubation will resume in March 2021


  • 4 UPDF Soldiers assigned to guard RG by the Brigadier General of the 4th division of the Ugandan Army now working along with our security personnel. In Oct. the number was reduced to 3 by the army, but 3 small robberies now under investigation occurred in the children’s’ homes during the Christmas break. The number of +soldiers have again increased to 4 after a visit to the Brig. Gen. by Janice and Tim shortly after their return in early Jan.
  • Metal detectors supplied to security at the main gate and the hospital gate
  • Mr. Lawrence Opio, head of security, has worked tirelessly to recover most of the stolen goods
  • New road cut from the main gate to the hospital, allowing all hospital traffic to bypass the rest of RG. This was started prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but is essential in the safeguard of RG against this virus.


  • Only 11 volunteers came to date due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

Finance and Administration

  • Accounting System upgraded from Excel to QuickBooks and stored in the Cloud
  • 2019 Audit carried out.
  • Most workers now paid online rather than cash payments
  • Finger print readers at the hospital and central office for monitoring work attendance and tardiness installed
  • Banking now done in Kamdini (Opportunity Bank) rather than Kampala
  • Pastor Experito Bulamu, a RG Ugandan board member and wife Justin have filled the Managing directors post with Godfrey’s departure. They have managed RG adequately and held things together under difficult times with very little turnover instruction
  • Dr. Andrew Bakainaga, Head of the World Health Organization-Uganda, was approved to the RG Uganda Board of Directors in the October annual meeting.
  • The long-awaited promise of His Excellency to provide grid power to RG seems nearing fulfillment with the delivery last week of 28 concrete electric poles to RG’s front gate and the delivery of the transformer to Karuma. Seems that RG will not pay anything for the connection of this service to RG

In addition to our 2020 report, below is a list of some of our tasks we hope to accomplish in 2021. Though by no means an exhaustive list, below are some of the identified goals:

  • Continued good communication and cooperation between RG Uganda and RG USA
  • Increased communication and oversight of all RG employees
  • Specific weekly prayer coverage for Restoration Gateway
  • Recommendations for the expansion of board of director members
  • Completion of Bible Mission Training School (BMTS) by June when 2 back-to-back pastor seminars will be held, hosted by Highland Baptist Church, Waco
  • Completion of Primary Teacher quarters, relocating the teachers into the quarters by March
  • Hiring Ibrahim Loum as a guidance counselor for all of our children with special emphasis on our high school students as they approach university or vocational school
  • Develop a first-class surgical center for our surgeons and surgical volunteers
  • Continued relationships with companies who donate orthopedic surgical equipment
  • Refrigeration and painting of the morgue located at the hospital
  • Addition of 2-3 more greenhouses for our agricultural and landscaping departments

Tim and Janice McCall - Founders