Model Chicken Farming

Filled with life, sustainability and growth, anyone that visits Restoration Gateway can see how God is moving in all the inner-workings that make up this community. RG worker Emmanuel Olanya is leading the development of a vital part of this growth at Restoration Gateway: the chicken farm.

Started in March of 2013, the original purpose of the chicken farm was to give food and education for the children. Today more than 100 chickens supply all the eggs for children, staff and teams – as well as meat from the hens that have stopped producing. Once a week the children come down to feed, water and collect eggs as part of their farming education. In addition to RG sustaining it's own supply of eggs, the chicken farm on campus has plans to reach out into the community as well.

The current chicken house has been intentionally built to be a model farm - built out of sustainable and cheap materials that the local farmers can emulate for themselves. In doing this Emmanuel has created a learning program for the community.

Presently, Emmanuel purchases one month old chicks from Kampala, a six hour drive from campus, because RG currently doesn't have the capacity to incubate the eggs. However, once the resources and money come in, Emmanuel's first step of action is to build an incubator with enough power to incubate eggs at RG. Not only will this eliminate the hassle and cost of getting chicks from Kampala, but the hope is that with a large enough incubator, RG would be able to produce enough chicks to be able to sell to local farmers and possibly reach further to those in Central and Northern Uganda. In addition to bringing more funds into RG, selling chicks would be a huge aid to the farmers locally who do not have the resources or money to get chicks from Kampala.

The growing won't stop there though. After the incubator, Emmanuel desires to build another, stronger chicken house and continue to increase the number of chickens RG has. And the list of goals and plans go on – sustaining Restoration Gateway, reaching out to the community, and impacting lives.