Preventative Health Care through Annual Physicals

This week we began doing annual physicals for all of our Restoration Gateway (RG) children, workers and staff. Over the next three weeks, all 102 children that RG cares for, all 107 workers that are currently employed at RG and rest of the RG staff and missionaries will have access to receive a complete physical. Over the past few years, through the leadership of our long-term missionary physicians and utilizing the services of visiting doctors, medical students and healthcare professionals the idea of preventative healthcare through annual physicals has been introduced.

There are only 0.117 physicians available for every 1,000 people in Uganda (Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], 2012). With only having 1 physician per 10,000 people there currently aren't adequate personnel available in country to embrace and help lead large scale preventative healthcare measures. From a recent Health Journalism Convention here in Uganda, Dr. Lawrence Kaggwa, a Senior Consultant in Health systems, argued that 80% of diseases in Uganda are preventable. Many of these diseases, if identified or caught early enough in a wellness exam or general physical, could be treated or eradicated.

Dr. Bridget Hurry has been an advocate of preventative healthcare here in Uganda. With the lack of qualified medical personnel in Uganda coupled with the pervasiveness of preventable diseases, she sees real benefit in early detection and education through wellness exams and how these could circumvent the cycle of preventable diseases.

"Throughout all ministry arenas here at Restoration Gateway, one could easily detect an overarching theme of ours in even the shortest of visits: to declare the glory & excellence of our Lord Jesus in our words, actions & deeds," says Dr. Hurry. "Accordingly, I have the privilege of marrying my passion for His renown & for the healing of His Church in the vehicle of our RG medical and dental ministry. This healing, in both the physical & spiritual, is a burning desire of Him in me for all brothers & sisters I meet here in Northern Uganda. The vision for our annual preventive health campaign is to be an inroad into the lives of our RG staff, workers, and students. As we offer ourselves as His hands, feet, voice, and heart, preventable diseases will be diagnosed-Yes- but more importantly chains will be broken & captives will be set free!"

Restoration Gateway currently operates an outpatient clinic that actively serves five surrounding districts and averages between 20-40 patients per day. It is open five days a week to the community and will eventually grow to a full scale hospital, which RG is set to break ground on next month. Learn more about RG's ongoing medical ministry and current needs.