Restoration Gateway Receives New BUV

This week, Restoration Gateway (RG) received a new Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) that was generously donated by a house church from Common Ground Christian Church Northeast in Indianapolis, IN. We want to send out a huge thank you to all the individuals that financially contributed towards the BUV and the shipping container that delivered it. Along with the BUV, there were additional supplies and donations that that will be utilized in the hospital that is set to break ground in the next month.

With RG being located in the bush in the midst of difficult working conditions, this all-terrain work vehicle will be an incredible asset to the daily work flow here at RG. It is already being utilized to carry workers and deliver supplies throughout the various project sites that are widely spread out throughout RG.

"We put the BUV to work the very hour it was unloaded at RG," says Dr. Tim McCall. "The workers are delighted that they don’t have to carry heavy tools and cement across the project site manually. The first worker has been taught how to drive and care for it and I don’t think he has gotten off of it since. And of course the kids love going for rides in the back. This is truly a third world machine that will bless many. Thanks from all of us here at RG."

Learn more about this amazing vehicle and how it will benefit RG on the ground here.