RG Chicken Farm Utilizing New Hybrid Chicken

We are excited to share that the RG chicken farm project that was initiated earlier this year by Mitch Orweiler and Emmanuel, one of our Ugandan staff members, has come to fruition. Mitch and Emmanuel worked countless hours to obtain the chickens and get the chicken house built, which will eventually house 600 chickens. We received 75 chickens at the end of May, and last week we received another 80, bringing our total to just over 150 chickens. The chickens we are using, known as Kuroilers, are hybrid chickens which are well suited to resource-poor village environments.

Kuroilers are more disease-resistant and have a much higher percentage of egg production and a larger amount of meat per bird, compared to local chickens. Eggs are a luxury food in northern Uganda, and the RG children are excited to now have this as a regular part of their diet. To learn more about the RG chickens, see: http://www.kuroiler.com/en/.

With the Orweilers going to Thailand, Emmanuel, who is the head of the RG Agriculture and Animal Husbandry program, is now leading the project. Again, we express a huge thank-you to Mitch for all his work on the project.