RG's Annual Uganda Board Meeting - 2015

This past weekend, on March 7th, Restoration Gateway (RG) had its annual Ugandan Board Meeting. Along with RG's U.S. board of directors, RG has a board of directors in Uganda that also provides direction and oversight for RG operations. The Ugandan board of directors is comprised of:

Dr. Tim McCall

Janice McCall

Pastor Experito Bulamu

Mr. Yusufu Kagumire

Hon. Judge Rubby Aweri Opio

The board meeting was held in Karuma, on-site at RG, so the board could see first-hand what God has accomplished here at RG over the past year. The board got to hear reports from each of the department areas as well as a presentation from the RG choir. Our Ugandan board is a tremendous resource and we are extremely blessed by their oversight, heart, and involvement in the RG ministry here in Uganda.