Seeing the World Differently through Viewfinder Project

In February, a team from Common Ground Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN came to serve at Restoration Gateway (RG). Before their trip, they gathered used cameras to donate to RG so the staff could facilitate The Viewfinder Project with the children that live at RG.

The mission of The Viewfinder Project is using photography to view the world differently. Teaching children photography skills, and in turn life skills, so that they are able to alter their perspective of the world around them in a constructive and sustainable way. By gaining the ability to identify beauty, to separate the good from the bad, and to focus on what is beautiful, hope can be restored in people of all ages. Hope fosters creativity and creativity fosters change.

RG Staff member, Steve Hurry, has helped to lead and oversee the implementation of the project here at RG. "It has been such a rewarding experience getting to see firsthand the children coming alive and really engaging the curriculum," says Steve. "We have already been through some of the core classes of this 16-lesson plan and the children are not only taking off with their photography, but I believe they are already being challenged to critically look at the world and being able to tangibly express these views through these amazing images they are shooting."

*Learn more about The Viewfinder Project at their website.