Walter Cooper Sandusky Dental Center Dedicated

The Walter Cooper Sandusky Dental Center, Restoration Gateway's long-awaited dental facility, was officially dedicated to the Lord on April 20th of this year. In the next month RG hopes to have a dentist onsite and officially open the dental center. The building is named for Walter Cooper Sandusky, DDS, longtime friend of the McCalls and Restoration Gateway. Dr. Sandusky has made 4 mission trips to RG and was present for the dedication of the center. He has a deep passion for missions and embodies the heart behind RG's dental center.

Uganda has only 250 dentists nationwide. Worsening this shortage, most of these professionals live in and around Kampala; yet, 87% of the population lives in rural areas. This means rural Uganda has a dentist-patient ratio of 1:421,000. That's the equivalent of only one dentist serving all of the population within the city of Atlanta, Georgia! Please pray for the dentist that God is bringing to lead the dental ministry here. And join us in continuing to thank God for providing this great facility.