Walter Cooper Sandusky Dental Center Opens to the Community

On October 14, the Walter Cooper Sandusky (WCS) Dental Center officially opened and began providing dental services for the RG children, staff, workers and the surrounding community. We are excited to welcome Dr. Umaru Kizito as the new director of the WCS Dental Center. He recently completed the Bachelors Dental Surgery program at Makerere University in Kampala. Dr. Kizito has already hit the ground running and is becoming a great asset to the RG team. Earlier this year, we had plans of having a dental conference in October to bring some visiting dentists from Uganda and the U.S. and introduce them to the facility and provide some training seminars. This conference had been delayed until next year. Little did we know that God already had plans to provide RG with a new director for the WCS Dental Center in October!

The need for dental care is overwhelming in Uganda, and especially more so in the north, where there are very few dental facilities. Uganda has only 250 dentists nationwide. Worsening this shortage, most of these professionals live in and around Kampala; yet 87% of the population lives in rural areas. This means rural Uganda has a dentist-patient ratio of 1:421,000 which is the equivalent of only one dentist serving all of the population within the city of Atlanta, Georgia! For more information, please visit the RG Dental page.

We have already received a testimony from one of the patients that had a tooth extracted by Dr. Kizito earlier this week: "I had my tooth pulled, and it didn't even hurt!" News like that will spread and cause ripples in the community advertising the services. There is already news from people in Lira and Gulu who are desiring to come and receive dental care here at RG. Please pray for our staff as we receive these patients and visitors, that all those who come and receive care here at RG would meet, come to know, and receive love and healing from the great physician, Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory!