What God Has Done at Restoration Gateway in 2013

Friends of Restoration Gateway,

God has blessed us with wonderful opportunities to serve the community around Restoration Gateway in 2013, and we have experienced significant growth both in activities and lives restored.

A few highlights from 2013 are:

  • Walter Cooper Sandusky Dental Facility opened
  • New children homes filled
  • President of Uganda visited RG
  • RG chicken farm producing eggs for children
  • RG children raising pigs and helping in the chicken house
  • Beehives moved to be better located for honey production
  • Over 150+ volunteers worked at RG throughout the year
  • Restoration Gateway to be promoted on Fixer Upper television show in spring of 2014
  • Long term missionaries continuing to arrive and serve at RG
  • Amazing staff has blended well between Ugandans and Westerners
  • Two Long Term Missionary Houses completed and 2 more scheduled to be complete by beginning of 2014
  • RG Oaks of Righteousness School received official registration
  • RG children's vocational program continues to develop providing education in carpentry, sewing, mechanics, computers, and crafts
  • RG Hosted various community wide soccer tournaments for children and adult teams
  • New Intern joined RG

Your generosity and stewardship have provided Restoration Gateway the opportunity to accomplish all of these things, and we believe 2014 will be an even more amazing year in the lives of those served. It is our prayer that you will join us in the coming year to fulfill the Lord's vision for Northern Uganda. There are many ways that you can partner with Restoration Gateway: committing to pray, visiting RG, financially supporting God's work, and/or serving as a Restoration Gateway representative in your church and community.

Some of the opportunities we are excited to implement in 2014 are:

  • Groundbreaking for Hospital construction to begin in February
  • We will continue constructing new orphan homes to fulfill the 35-home vision that God has given.
  • To meet the needs of the infants in northern Uganda we will be establishing a Baby Home.