"In-Kind" (Donated Goods) Needs

In addition to financial gifts, Restoration Gateway has many needs for specific goods which may be donated.

If you are donating items, here are some tips to help make the process go smoothly:

Items should be in good condition; clothing should not be dirty or have holes; prepare your donation by boxing similar items together and making a list of what is in each box.

Both US and Ugandan customs officials require an itemization of the items being shipped.

It is especially important that you provide a detailed list for specialty items like medical or dental accessories, because the RG stateside office staff may not be familiar with these.

*Note that we cannot accept healthcare supplies that have expired or will expire soon (within six months). Please separate out ALL items with an expiration date so that they can be handled separately.

If you would like a receipt which shows your donation for tax purposes, please complete this form no later than the time of donation (some donated items have complicated tax deductible requirements, so if you need a receipt please read over the form well in advance of making the donation).

  • Solar equipment with batteries
  • cigarette lighter-operated tire pumps
  • 4-way lug nut wrenches