The hospital at Restoration Gateway has approximately 180 beds with large outpatient, operating room, lab and x-ray facilities as well. This facility is becoming the hospital of choice for the people in the surrounding districts. It is nearer to many of these people, and increases the bed capacity in the area by nearly 50%. Medical, nursing and allied healthcare students will soon be able to receive supervised training.

Hospital Tour with Dr. Cessnun
Patient Care with Deo
Spiritual Care with Sophie
Healthcare with Dr. Schwedock
Impact with Dr. Jacob

How can you help?

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Your financial resources can help Restoration Gateway purchase the equipment needed to become a first class medical facility, provide for our hospital staff and help us serve our local community.



You can go to provide medical care. Even before the hospital is completed, temporary clinics can be held in our multi-purpose building. Additionally, visiting doctors can do clinics in remote villages with the mobile medical unit.