Northern Ugandans need greater access to quality, well-equipped, medical facilities. Restoration Gateway is providing such a facility. Phase 1 includes an outpatient clinic, which is expanding into a full hospital.

Restoration Gateway will address the medical needs of the surrounding districts by constructing a new hospital.

The hospital will have approximately 170 beds with large outpatient, operating room, lab and x-ray facilities as well. This facility will become the hospital of choice for the people in the surrounding districts. It will be nearer to many of these people, and will increase the bed capacity in the area by nearly 50%. Medical, nursing and allied healthcare students will also be able to receive supervised training.

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5611-A0.1 Hospital Master Plan-page-001.jpg

Plans call for building the hospital in three phases.

  1. The first phase will provide an outpatient clinic. This will be done by constructing the central 2-story building.
  2. Phase Two will construct and equip surgery and the necessary buildings to provide in-patient services.
  3. Phase Three will provide a surgery ward, OB/GYN and Pediatric wards, as well as men’s and women’s wards.

How can you help?



You can go to provide medical care. Even before the hospital is completed, temporary clinics can be held in our multi-purpose building. Additionally, visiting doctors can do clinics in remote villages with the mobile medical unit.