Are you a physician, resident, medical student, nurse, physician assistant, or someone who would like to get exposure to medical missions? We invite you to come and serve at Restoration Gateway (RG) through the myriad of medical ministry opportunities that are available in Northern Uganda. Under the guidance of one of RG's licensed physicians, you will gain valuable exposure to medical missions through serving at: RG's onsite medical clinic, village medical outreaches, private clinics in the region and at our district hospital.

  • If you are interested in coming to serve at RG in a medical capacity, the first step is to read through the RG Medical and Dental Handbook. If you feel God is prompting you to join the work being done at RG, download an application package. The first page of the package gives detailed instructions on how to complete the forms.
  • The completed package and appropriate application fees ($50 per person or $100.00 for families with more than 3 people), should be mailed to our stateside office at:
  • Restoration Gateway, Uganda
  • 4300 W. Waco Dr. B2-314
  • Waco, Texas 76710

You can also pay the application fee online using the “Give” tab.

If you still have questions after reading the handbook, please don't hesitate to contact us.