Ministry to the Church

Restoration Gateway believes that God's people are His chosen vessel to carry out his purposes in the earth. Therefore a ministry to the body of Christ is a core component of Restoration Gateway's philosophy.

One of the first things established at Restoration Gateway was a church body. Restoration Gateway's church is comprised primarily of our orphans and workers. We are a community of believers. Below are listed some of the spiritual ministry opportunities offered by RG Church.

Weekly Cell Groups

One day each week, our daily discipleship training splits into smaller groups to discuss scripture and pray together.

Marriage Counseling

Marital counseling is available at Restoration Gateway.

Bible Distribution/Spiritual Resources

Bibles are provided at a reduced rate to provide easier access to scripture for Ugandans. A library of spiritual resources is being compiled.


Evangelism is done with workers on-site through team participation. The Jesus video is shown on-site and in local villages to both large and small groups. Short Term Teams do evangelism in nearby villages periodically.

Corporate Fasting

The Restoration Gateway long-term missionaries participate in corporate fasting. RG employees and residents on-site also share in times of group fasting.

Volunteer Ministry

Hundreds of volunteers have participated in various kinds of ministry at Restoration Gateway and surrounding communities. Much physical work has been done, many lives have been touched by the Gospel, and many volunteers have been blessed.

Perhaps you or your church or other group would like to take a mission trip to Restoration Gateway and help with some of these ministries. We would love to host you. Please visit the Go page for more information.