Orphan Care

  • 2,500,000 orphans struggle to survive in Uganda
  • 20% of children aged 6-17 are orphans
  • Half of these lost parents to HIV/AIDS
  • No other nation has a higher percent orphaned by AIDS
  • The LRA left many others parentless
  • Who will care for them?
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Orphan Homes

Orphan care will be provided for up to 300 children at a time through the construction of 35 homes, each housing 8-10 orphans. Currently, 21 homes are filled with children. Ugandans are employed to serve as House Parents in a family environment for each home. Widows fulfill this role in 90% of the currently occupied homes, allowing Restoration Gateway (RG) to provide for widows as well. All material and health needs are provided for the children.


School »

Restoration Gateway's primary school, called "Oaks of Righteousness," houses twelve classrooms for the orphans. The children also have a gymnasium/multipurpose building, playground and soccer field.


How can you help?


DONATE toward the construction of an Orphan Home.

Each home costs only $30,000 to build. Perhaps you, your church, or your organization/business would like to donate some or all of the money needed to build an orphan home. Your group is welcome to donate the money to build a home, then go to RG to help with the construction of it. Information about how to donate can be found on our giving page.