Orphan Care

  • 2,500,000 orphans struggle to survive in Uganda
  • 20% of children aged 6-17 are orphans
  • Half of these lost parents to HIV/AIDS
  • No other nation has a higher percent orphaned by AIDS
  • The LRA left many others parentless
  • Who will care for them?
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We presently have 220 children and babies occupying 20 of the 24 completed orphan homes. The vision is to have 35 homes and approximately 300 orphans in the near future. Ugandans are employed to serve as House Parents in a family environment for each home. Widows fulfill this role in 90% of the currently occupied homes, allowing Restoration Gateway (RG) to provide for widows as well. All material and health needs are provided for the children. Watching our children grow in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man is one of our greatest joys.


Restoration Gateway is committed to providing a quality education for our children which prepares them to become leaders in society. Many of the children remark that attending our Oaks of Righteousness is one of their favorite things. Our school, Oaks of Righteousness, houses twelve classrooms for the orphans. The nursery, primary school and high school (through grade 13) are completed and fully functional and accredited. Currently the curriculum includes English, Math, Science and Social Studies, using the Bob Jones curriculum. RG founder, Janice McCall, teaches along with a staff of Ugandans. English is the national language of Uganda but many rural people speak little or no English, so language is a major component of the school. The school includes a library and gym/multipurpose building as well as a computer lab.

How can you help?

Sponsor a child today!


Your sponsorship helps to provide for an orphan's material, social, medical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Everything a child receives at RG is supported through the generosity of sponsors such as yourself. Information about how to donate can be found on our Sponsorship Page.


DONATE toward the construction of an Orphan Home

Each home costs only $35,000 to build. Perhaps you, your church, or your organization/business would like to donate some or all of the money needed to build an orphan home. Your group is welcome to donate the money to build a home, then go to RG to help with the construction of it. Information about how to donate can be found on our giving page.