Restoration Gateway's primary school, called "Oaks of Righteousness," houses twelve classrooms for the orphans. The children also have a gymnasium/multipurpose building, playground and soccer field.


Restoration Gateway is committed to providing a quality education for our children which prepares them to become leaders in society. Many of the children remark that attending our school, Oaks of Righteousness, is one of their favorite things. Our school currently has nursery through grade S3. This equates with Kindergarten through 10th grade in the USA.

Currently the curriculum includes English, Math, Science and Social Studies, using the Bob Jones curriculum. RG founder, Janice McCall, teaches along with a staff of Ugandans. English is the national language of Uganda but many rural people speak little or no English, so language is a major component of the school. The school includes a library and gym/multipurpose building. A computer lab will be added.

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