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Cessnun Family

Missionary (Uganda)

The Cessnun family has returned for their second term at Restoration Gateway. Colby and Mary Anne were married in 2001 and have been blessed with nine children. Colby is a family physician who has practiced in both clinical and hospital settings and also has tropical medicine training. Having changed lives after studying the Word, Colby and Mary Anne’s hearts were stirred to teach others to study the Word for themselves. Both have led in Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship with a desire for God to be known and worshiped in truth. Colby is serving as the medical director for the hospital and clinic at Restoration Gateway. When he is not caring for patients, Colby can be found assisting with agriculture, on the tractor, or playing with his kids in the yard. Mary Anne spends her days teaching the big kids, reading to the littles, helping with the RG school, encouraging the RG mommas, and making sure everyone is fed. She loves studying the Word and teaching it. The Cessnun kids are championship goat herders, mostly-motivated students, and great house helpers who, along with their parents, get to practice living out the Gospel every day. The Cessnun family is excited to be a part of the work God is doing at Restoration Gateway and is always eager to share the saving Grace of their Lord Jesus Christ.