Janice McCall

Founder (Uganda)

Janice was raised in Abilene, Texas. She met Tim at Baylor University, where she graduated with a BA in Education and Music. They were married in 1972. The McCalls have four children and nine grandchildren. Janice is the co-director and founder of Restoration Gateway and she also serves as a school teacher in the Oaks of Righteousness Primary School on site at Restoration Gateway.

The McCalls served with the International Mission Board in Eku, Nigeria from 1983 - 1994, where Dr. McCall worked at Eku Baptist Hospital. From 1994 - 2007, Dr. McCall was on the faculty of the residency program at Family Practice Center in Waco, Texas. During this time, he started the International Medicine Department within the residency program, taking young physicians overseas to do surgery and international medicine as part of their training.

In 2007, through Tim and Janice’s vision and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, plans for Restoration Gateway as a center of hope, peace and love for children and people in northern Uganda began to take shape. In just over five years, after acquiring 700 acres on the Nile River just above Karuma Falls, Restoration Gateway is now home to over 100 children—orphans who live in homes built from bricks made on site and attend school in a four building compound. As soon as money, construction and staffing allow, the number of orphans could expand to fill 35 homes of 8 to 10 children each, living with dedicated Ugandan “house mothers,” under the guidance and care of a pastor, head master, counselors, missionaries, doctors and the many American Christians who visit regularly. Restoration Gateway has also built a large two-story community hall, which serves multiple purposes from Sunday worship services to basketball camps led by Baylor University students, to school assemblies and musical presentations, to daily morning devotionals for the workers, to Friday night celebrations of God’s grace and providence, to pastor retreats and Bible training. A dental clinic and a medical facility and hospital have been completed. Both will work with the Ugandan schools for dentists and doctors and provide care for Restoration Gateway children and people as well as the surrounding communities. Tim and Janice’s vision is to make Restoration Gateway into a Ugandan community that can sustain itself spiritually and economically so that God’s work of restoring peace, hope and love can continue long after they are gone.