Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. - James 1:27


When you sponsor an orphan, you not only impact the life of that specific child...your life will never be the same!

Sponsorship is much more than simply providing the funds needed to care for our orphans. It is a relational investment. These children are true orphans,meaning they have lost both parents. Many have felt lonely and abandoned as a result. They are overjoyed when learning that someone in this world has taken notice of them; treasuring the fact that someone cares about them and prays for them by name.

Sponsorship is a relationship between you and a special child. This child will know your name, write to you and benefit from your love, prayers and support. Sponsors receive photos of their child and are highly encouraged to send letters, birthday cards and photos to the child they sponsor.

Fully Sponsor a Child for $100/Month

Your sponsorship provides for an orphan's material, social, medical, emotional and spiritual needs. Everything they receive at Restoration Gateway will be supported through this sponsorship.

*Partial sponsorships are also available at $50.00/month for those who cannot afford a full sponsorship.

Group Sponsorship

Groups such as churches, schools, classes, co-workers or even a few friends are welcome to sponsor a child together. In these cases, we require that one person be the main contact and "champion" for the orphan within the group. This helps ensure that the child can have communication and a relationship with someone specific, while learning who each person in the sponsorship group may be.

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New orphans come to Restoration Gateway on a rolling basis. If you are interested in sponsoring an orphan, get started by clicking the "Sponsor a Child Today" button above. If you would like additional information on Restoration Gateway's sponsorship program, please e-mail: or call our US office at: (254) 752-0583 for more information.

We would love for you to be a part of this incredible journey. If, upon your inquiry, all of our orphans are sponsored, you will be placed on a waiting list and notified when an opportunity to sponsor arises as new children come to Restoration Gateway on a consistent basis.

As much as possible, these sponsorships are relational. Once you have committed to sponsoring a child, you will receive a biography, picture, and information as to how you go about communicating with your sponsored child.

Thank you again for your interest in sponsoring a child at Restoration Gateway. Your dedication and passion are greatly appreciated.